Ria Kerstens - Sander Vrugt van KeulenUAEX

Undivided Attention EXperience (UAEX): an object and an installation during the Dutch Design Week 2012 about the exchange of undivided attention in silence.

With the design of the seating element UAEX Sander Vrugt van Keulen (coach/trainer) and Ria Kerstens (writer/therapist) give a physical form to two factors of ‘the conversation’. The external factor: creating a save environment, the internal factor: making your own knowledge visible.

The experiment of UAEX is the question if the result of this silent form of attention will be the same as that of ‘the conversation’.

UAEX raises questions for the participant: Can I bear to be totally seen? With what will I be confronted whilst being in contact? What do I see in your eyes? And what do I show?

Visitors are invited to participate in a one-on-one experience with UAEX in ‘de Ruimte’ of the ‘Klokgebouw’.

The idea of Undivided Attention Experience originated from the art installation “The Artist is Present” in the MoMA in 2010 in which Marina Abramovic sat opposite of an empty chair for three months on which every visitor could take place. The confronting interaction that formed was intense and unique.

Dutch Design Week 2012: 20 until 28 October 2012
Daily opening 11.00 – 18.00 u
Free entrance

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  1. Wendie Berry says:

    Found you on Pinterest. The UAEX sounds very interesting. I would love to know how it goes at the design week later this month.

    • CoachSander says:

      Thanks Wendie! You’ll be able follow everything on this website. We’re even planning a streaming broadcast during the Dutch Design Week… Fingers crossed that it’ll work! :-)

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